Building A Signal Dashboard

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Recently, I had the opportunity to work with an awesome client who basically hired me to build his personal trading dashboard on NinjaTrader 7.  One thing led to another, and 8 large payments later, this trader was able to combine every factor of his trading decisions into one neatly designed indicator.  While I can’t give away his logic, I can share with you some cool features of the final product:

  • mouse rollover events give additional detail about candlestick patterns
  • small buttons in the upper right corner allow him quickly enable / disable certain plots
  • small buttons in the lower right corner all him to quickly enable / disable audio alerts
  • ribbon at the top (seen in picture) consists of all signs to be going short
  • ribbon at the bottom consists of all signs to be going long

The moral of the story?  In futures trading, there’s generally not much time to make a decision and execute.  Having all of your signals in sorted and organized one area will speed up the decision making process.