The Purpose Of Work

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I love my job as a programmer and consultant for NinjaTrader 7!  One of my favorite speakers, Rick Warren, recently discussed the purpose of work.  I thought it would be fun to personalize this and share exactly the purpose of work at Affordable Indicators.  So, here you have it, six purposes of work, from one being the least significant, to six being the most important.

  1. Necessity – I must work to meet the needs of my family.  Right now, it’s a one man show, but eventually, I will provide for my wife and children.  1 Timothy 5:8
  2. Identity – I work to express my specifc God given talents.  For example, he has gifted me in numbers and analysis, two of the loves that make a good NinjaTrader 7 programmer.  1 Peter 4:10
  3. Maturity – My character is developed through work.  Daily, I am challenged through interactions with day traders and conquering advanced coding projects.  Matthew 25:21
  4. Credibility – When I serve NinjaTrader day traders with excellence, it represents the person of Jesus and brings glory to God.  1 Thes 4:11-12
  5. Charity – I work so that I can give myself away and help those in need.  The more money I make, the more capacity I have to give!  Ephesians 4:28
  6. Eternity – In everything I do, the goal is to keep eternity in mind.  It’s my prayer that in every conversation and project I will be a radient display of Christ.  Matthew 6:33