Custom Indicators For NinjaTrader

My goal is to create and develop to best customized NinjaTrader indicators:  Elegant (pleasing to look at). Effective (beneficial in trading).  Efficient (well written code).  Whether it’s a modification or an idea from scratch, my passion is NinjaTrader indicators.


Conditional Alerts

Be notified of your trade signals. I build all alerts to configureable to fire at close of bar, or immediately as a condition occurs in the middle of a bar.   In addition, unless otherwise specified, they are built to integrate with the Alerts Window in NinjaTrader, where all alerts are listed as they occur. Typical alert details include instrument, chart type, chart interval, indicator name, and indicator settings. One client created a seperate GMail Account for only trade alerts. Then, he recieves all details of each alert, including a screenshot on this Android Phone or IPhone as soon as the trade occurs.

  • Popup – a message window alerts the situation.
  • Sound – a sound is played.  This is available in the form of a dropdown parameter that allows you to select from all WAV files in Program Files / NinjaTrader / sounds.  In other words, it’s easy to add your own custom sounds.
  • Email – an email is sent to your inbox with a subject and message of choice.
  • Text Message – a text message is sent to your phone Your carrier must be compatible.  For example, with Verizon, text messages can be received sent to .  Standard messaging rates will apply.
  • Screenshot – an email is sent with an attachment of a screenshot as well.  In certain situations, this can be particularly useful.


Plots And Drawing

Trading should be beautiful. Traders often spend at least eight hours a day looking at charts. Why not have something nice to look at? In addition, trades happen quick and having accurate plots is key to being prepared. Here’s how I can help with custom plots and drawing on your NinjaTrader Charts.

  • Multi Color – change the color of standard NinjaTrader plots based on any set of conditions.
  • Arrows – I offer more robust signal arrows, with ability to change their size, transparency, color, and outline.  Settings include Arrow Bar Width, Arrow Width, Arrow Height, Color Fill, Color Shade, and Color Outline.
  • Buttons – Use chart toggles to turn on or off various features of your indicator without opening the Properties dialogue box.
  • Bar Hover – Show information about a portion of your indicator as the mouse hovers over it, or over a particular bar on the chart.
  • Future Plotting – go beyond the Current Bar into the future with line plots or any other type of plot.
  • Chart Objects – read standard chart drawing tools to control other aspects of the chart.
  • Chart Buttons – customized buttons or clickable areas to control indicator parameters or any particular portion of the chart plot area.
  • Custom Plots – literally draw anything you can imagine on the chart.  A combination of text rectangles lines, polygons, you name the plot, you name the condition.  With NinjaTrader , almost anything is possible. Overriding the chart plot is much more resource efficient than using standard NinjaTrader functions, such as Draw.Line() or Draw.Rectangle().


Multi Time Frame

NinjaTrader is unmatched by another other platform in the ability to create Multi Time Frame Indicators.  However, this process can be tricky.  I’ve programmed a bunch of these indicators, and at this point I’ve become pretty good coding for performance.  If you’re not careful, these indicators can be doing unnecessary work and bog down performance and execution.  For example, if we’re running a minute based indicator on a tick chart, there’s no reason to also run calculations on the tick data.  I code in a way that restricts calculations from working when the tick data is updated.


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