This business exists to serve day traders with excellence.  Overall, my goal is to create the best personalized software for retail and professional traders.  This is done exclusively via NinjaTrader, which is unmatched in flexibility to customize indicators and strategies.  I stand behind NinjaTrader as one of the best charting and execution platforms in the financial industry.



  • Elegant – pleasing to the eyes.  designed beautifully.  customization to the max.
  • Effective – beneficial for decision making.  convenient in executing orders.
  • Efficient – well written code.  attention to detail.  built for speed and reliability.
Why Choose Me?
  • Full Time – this is my only job, and I love it!  I have been day trading and developing software exclusively on NinjaTrader for over six years, ever since finishing college.
  • Turn Around – typically most projects are completed within 24 hours from when price and requirements are agreed upon.
  • Convenience – available quickly to discuss a new project or support an existing one, during the day and often in the evening via Email, Google Talk, or Skype.
  • Accountability – I am a NinjaTrader Ecosystem Member and take this privilege seriously.
  • Integrity – I will be transparent with you about my personal trading business. I won’t make empty promises about what it takes to be successful day trader. If anyone is selling indicators using “holy grail” tactics or email marketing, ask them for a real brokerage statement and walk away.
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I am a 2008 graduate of Taylor University in Upland, Indiana, completing a bachelor’s degree in Business Management / Systems with a minor in Finance.  I grew up in Ohio, and currently reside in Atlanta, Georgia.

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