Enhanced Chart Trader

The Enhanced Chart Trader was designed to eliminate complexity and stress involved with entering trades and managing positions.  Take the Product Quiz to help identify the perfect configuration for you, or scroll down to learn more.


Product Solutions

We offer a wide variety of Enhanced Chart Trader solutions depending on your trading style and individual needs.  Select from our options below to get a view of our product features.

The Basic Chart Trader Tools is the most affordable way to get started with our Enhanced Chart Trader products! This product replaces the standard NinjaTrader Chart Trader and improves upon it in many ways.

Modules are built for more specialized trading needs.  Each module includes the Basic Chart Trader Tools!  We currently offer six different modules.  Purchase multiple modules to create your perfect setup!

The Essential Chart Trader Tools includes the Basic Chart Trader Tools and more! We improved the ability to utilize ATM Strategy features, and added position sizing. This is the best Chart Trader across any platform!

The Professional Chart Trader Tools includes all Enhanced Chart Trader products. Save by purchasing this bundle, and immediately get access to everything – the Essential Chart Trader Tools and all modules!

Basic Chart Trader Tools

All Enhanced Chart Trader products include the following features. Click through the different features for a quick demo!

  • Order display includes relevant information such as contract size and distance to target/stop loss.

  • Track your trade’s P/L by switching between ticks, points or dollar amount all on the order display.

  • Easily manage your trade by clicking and dragging your target or stop orders.

  • Combine or split stop orders to move them quickly and with ease.
  • Attach your stop or target order to any NinjaTrader Indicator in one click.

  • Increase or decrease your order’s offset by ticks. This allows you to front run or be more conservative with your orders.

  • Track or Trail mode, allowing your attached order to move with the selected indicator.

  • Clear Tracking button allows you to quickly unattached your order from the selected indicator.
  • Create customizable limit entry or Market if Touched (MIT) buttons to enter the market exactly where you want.

  • Easily change the button’s tick offset in the indicator property settings.
  • Click and drag orders onto your chart. Eliminate the clutter of right clicking and using a menu.

  • Switch between Limit (LMT), Market if Touched (MIT), Stop Market (STP) and Stop Limit (SLM) orders with a customizable tick offset.
  • Profit/Loss can be hidden or shown in ticks, points or dollar amount.

  • View daily Profit/Loss with or without commissions.

  • Quickly view your price entry point.

  • Improved order execution display, easily view your entries and exits.

Essential Chart Trader Tools

The Essential Chart Trader Tools includes all Basic Chart Trader Tools features along with those found below. Click through the different features for a quick demo!

  • Automatically adjust entry order size based on risk in the selected ATM Strategy.

  • Select your desired risk by entering a dollar amount or percentage of total account.

  • Video example shows account position sizing based on a # tick target and # tick stop loss ATM Strategy.
  • Quickly move all stops or targets to breakeven without having to manually drag your order.

  • Option to adjust the breakeven tick offset within the indicator settings.
  • Quickly switch between ATM Strategies and avoid the hassle of trying to find your stratefy within the dropdown list.

  • Hover over the quick selection ATM button to see the strategy name.

  • ATM button shows the number of contracts selected in strategy.

  • Easily remove ATM button with middle mouse click.
  • Added feature on click entry orders allowing for the placement of orders with one click.

  • Quickly switch between buy click/sell click by hovering over the top and bottom of your chart.
  • Get a quick look at your ATM strategy on your chart before placing a trade.

  • Configure the display time for your orders in the indicator settings.

Professional Chart Trader Tools

The Professional Chart Trader Tools includes the Basic Tools, Essential Tools and all modules. Save by purchasing the bundle, and get immediate access to all Enhanced Chart Trader products. 

All Basic Chart Trader Tools features are included. Click here to view all Basic Tool features.

All features from our six modules are included. Click here to view our module features.

All Essential Chart Trader Tools features are included. Click here to view all Essential Tool features.

Customizable Setup

Easily enable/disable features from all packages and modules to create the ultimate Chart Trader setup!

Bracket Entry Orders

The Bracket Entry Orders Module enables one click placement of Stop or Stop Limit orders. This allows you to enter the market as it moves quickly in either direction. This module is perfect for trading news events and volatile markets, allowing you to catch quick moves.

  • The “Bracket” button gets the last traded price, and then initiates a Buy order above the market and a Sell order below the market simultaneously.

  • Ability to switch order type to LMT (Limit), Market If Touched (MIT), SLM (Stop Limit) or STP (Stop Market).

  • Easily adjust the tick offset while your order is placed.
  • When using Minute or Second bars, with a ‘Close’ Trigger Mode selected, the bracket can be placed a set number of seconds before the bar closes.

  • This feature is essential for trading news events to get the orders placed before a spike occurs.
  • Ability to change price basis depending on where you want the order placed.

  • Last price basis places orders on the last traded price with selected offset.

  • High/Low price basis places orders on the high and low of the current bar with selected offset.
  • Easily adjust the number of ticks to offset the Stop Limit order trigger.

  • A negative number is supported, resulting in a Simulated Stop Order type, which is unique to NinjaTrader.

Close Bar Entry Orders

The Close Bar Entry Orders Module enables placement of Market or Limit orders triggered at the close of a bar, with other conditions.

Enter at Bar Close

Catch market moves and automatically place an order at the close of a bar.

Configurable Setup

The system can also be configured to enter orders based on how a bar closes. These include long entry on up bar, long entry on down bar, long entry on any bar, short entry on up bar, short entry on down bar and short entry on any bar.

Iceberg Entry Orders

The Iceberg Entry Orders Module allows you to conceal your large positions by automatically submitting disclosed orders via one main Iceberg order.

Hide Large Orders

An Iceberg order executes a large volume order by breaking it into smaller disclosed orders. The full order quantity is hidden from the market.

Configurable Setup

Configure your Iceberg Entry Order's Big Quantity Size, Display Quantity, Variance (%), Display Order Type, Order Offset Trailing, Order Offset in ticks and In Profit Action options.

Time Sliced Entry Orders

The Time Sliced Entry Orders Module allows you to conceal large positions by submitting disclosed orders at time intervals via one Time Sliced order.

Conceal Large Orders

Set order portions are sent to the market at fixed/variable time intervals.

Customizable Setup

Configure your Time Sliced Entry Order's Big Quantity Size, Display Quantity, Variance (%), Display Order Type, Order Offset Trailing, Order Offset in ticks, In Profit Action options and Leftover Action options.

Signal Entry Orders

The Signal Entry Orders Module allows traders to click a button that initiates logic to submit orders immediately on the close of a bar, or as soon as a signal occurs. This module integrates with BloodHound by Shark Indicators.

Trade Signals

Trade signals as soon as they appear! This removes unnecessary stress and challenge of entering orders or missing the trade entirely.

Create Your Own Signals

Select an indicator and plot to scan for a signal to occur. This allows complete customization to configure your own signals into the Signal Entry Orders module.

Advanced Stop Loss Management

The Advanced Stop Loss Management Module allows you to manage your Stop Loss orders and switch between various trailing stop methods on the fly.

Custom Stop Loss

Manage your Stop Loss orders and switch between various trailing stop methods on the fly. Attach your stop to any plot visible on the chart, set a fixed trailing stop, set an ATR-based trailing stop or align your stop with the high/low of the previous bar.

Move All Exits/Reverse Trade

Click and drag all exits to your desired price level. The Reverse Trade button allows you to close out of a trade and immediately take a trade in the opposite direction.

Limit If Touched Orders

Limit If Touched Orders is a module for the Enhanced Chart Trader. It hides Limit order entries until the market reaches the price, and then the Limit order is submitted.

Limit If Touched

Limit If Touched (LIT) is an order to buy below the market, or sell above the market, an instrument at a specified price. This order is held on your local computer until the trigger price is touched.

Hidden Orders

Using a Limit if Touched order in NinjaTrader ensures that your order is not seen by anyone, because it is not resting at the exchange.

It is now possible to easily trade multiple accounts on the NinjaTrader platform. The Duplicate Account Actions allows trades to either Code or Fade orders to secondary accounts from your main trading account.  All accounts must be listed in the Accounts Tab in NinjaTrader Control Center window.

Customer Reviews

AI Chart Trader’s sophistication, simplicity, multi-layered capabilities, and rock-solid reliability are unmatched. If you're a scalper, you'll wonder how you traded all these years without it. But you won't wonder about the price/value ever again.
Futures Trader
I am using the Enhanced Chart Trader with Renko bars. With the click of one button, it allows me to enter at the bar close at predetermined key levels. This is an excellent feature that is not offered with the default NT chart trader. Joel and his team deliver quality products and are very responsive to feedback and customer service.
Futures Trader
Before I purchased the Enhanced Chart Trader I had to right click on a chart (which blocked the chart) and place a limit order at a specific price. Now I can left click to initiate an order, I can then move the order to the exact place I want it and then another simple left click places the order. That feature alone makes my purchase worth it.
John M.
Futures Trader

Pricing Options

We offer three high level packages and six individual modules to meet your specific needs. Modules do not require the purchase of a package. Hover over the various features below for a short description.

Basic Tools

  • Trade Management Display
  • Attach Order to Indicator
  • Order Entry Buttons
  • Click Entry Buttons
  • P/L Display with Commissions
  • Additional Features
  • Lifetime Customer Support