Affordable Indicators, Inc.

Custom Order Execution

With NinjaTrader, there’s flexibility to build order execution tools outside of the fully automated system.  Discretionary traders can use semi automated tools to get orders placed on time and at the right price.  When day trading face paced markets, quick efficient order placement is crucial.  Even traders who don’t use a fully automated system can still use semi automated tools to enter the market!

Order Entry Placement

When traders enter the market manually, it often requires lots of extra clicks and attention to detail.  We can simplify this process by integrating custom logic and custom buttons into the standard NinjaTrader ChartTrader Panel.  We can create a totally customized solution for you.

Target And Stop Management

Following discretionary trade entries, target and stop management is typically handed over to a NinjaTrader Advanced Trade Management (ATM) Strategy.  We have the ability to expand on this and do further customization of those orders.  For example, we can automatically move stop loss orders based on any indicator or logic, ultimately creating a custom trailing stop methodology.  We can adjust the target orders as well.  Overall, order adjustments can be done individually based on Exits 1, 2, or 3, or we can move everything at the same time.  We can create a customized target and stop management solution to meet your needs.