Affordable Indicators, Inc.

Custom Indicators

Our goal is to create and develop NinjaTrader indicators that are:  Elegant (pleasing to look at). Effective (beneficial in trading).  Efficient (well written code).  Whether it’s a modification or brand new idea, we seek to develop the best NinjaTrader indicators.

Conditional Alerts

Be notified of your trade signals. We can configure alerts to fire at the close of bar, or immediately as a condition occurs in the middle of a bar. In Unless otherwise specified, these are built to integrate with the Alerts Window in NinjaTrader, where all alerts are listed as they occur. Typical alert details include instrument, chart type, chart interval, indicator name, and indicator settings. For example, one client created a separate Gmail Account for only trade alerts. He is able to receive all details of each alert, including a screenshot on his Android Phone or iPhone as soon as the trade occurs.

Display Options

Trading should be visually appealing. Traders often spend at least eight hours a day looking at charts. Why not have something nice to look at? In addition, trades happen quick and having accurate plots is key to being prepared. Here’s how we can help with custom plots and drawing on your NinjaTrader Charts.

Multi Time Frame

NinjaTrader is unmatched by any another other platform in the ability to create Multi Time Frame Indicators.  However, this process can be tricky.  If you’re not careful, these indicators can be doing unnecessary work and bog down performance and execution.  For example, if we’re running a minute based indicator on a tick chart, there’s no reason to also run calculations on the tick data.  We code in a way that restricts calculations from working when the tick data is updated.