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NinjaTrader FAQ


NinjaTrader is a trading software platform and futures brokerage, ranked as one of the top futures and forex trading platforms.  They offer an award-winning trading platform with low commissions, free charting tools and a completely customizable NinjaScript coding software.

NinjaTrader is completely free to download.  Get free access to advanced charting, market analysis and trade simulation. You do not need a funded account to trade on simulation.  For advanced order types, automated trading, and back testing capabilities, you will need to purchase or lease the software.

NinjaTrader can be good for beginners that want free SIM trading.  If you are interested in coding and customizing indicators, NinjaTrader is a perfect fit for you!  Read more on the topic in our extensive Is NinjaTrader Good for Beginners? article.

We have no relationship with NinjaTrader Brokerage.  However, NinjaTrader is widely recognized as one of the best brokers for futures and forex trading based on a review.  NinjaTrader users have access to more free trading tools when compared with other trading platforms.  The strong community is continually growing and is a big advantage to any trader of any experience level.

Simulated trading on NinjaTrader is completely free with no deposit required.  The Playback Connection is a great way to practice if you are unable to trade during market hours.  We do not have a relationship with NinjaTrader Brokerage.  Please contact the team at NinjaTrader Brokerage for minimum deposit details.

Even though both NinjaTrader and TradeStation have their individual pros and cons, NinjaTrader offers highly customizable indicators and strategies. Possibilities for platform customization are almost limitless thanks to freedom of development in the commonly used Microsoft C# programming language.

To find the latest version number for NinjaTrader can be found in the release notes on their website.

Data Feed

For real time market data you will need to pay and enable market data in your Account Plan.  There are many different market data providers to access data for futures, options, forex, CFDs, and stocks.


There are many performance tips to speed up your NinjaTrader platform.

  1. Close all unneeded workspaces.
  2. Close all unneeded Charts, SuperDOMs and Market Analyzers.
  3. Make sure all indicators have a calculation mode set to “On price change” or “On bar close.”
  4. Remove all unneeded indicators from Charts, Market Analyzers, and SuperDOMs.
  5. Reduce the number of “Days to Load” on Charts and Market Analyzer columns.

You can clear your cache with the following steps:

  1. Close down NinjaTrader
  2. Open Documents > NinjaTrader > db folder
  3. Delete folder titled “cache”
  4. Reopen NinjaTrader

There are several order types allowing you to buy and sell on NinjaTrader. A few of these order types include:

MKT (Market Orders) – Order buys/sells market price.

Ask/Bid – Order places a buy/sell limit order at the ask or bid price.

MIT (Market If Touched Orders) – Order buys/sells market once a specific level is touched.

We offer several upgrade opportunities to the NinjaTrader chart trader.

Yes, you can paper trade on NinjaTrader, and its completely free!  Get free access to advanced charting, market analysis and trade simulation.

To start simulated trading, change your selected account to “Sim101” or another simulated account.  You can open the NinjaTrader Chart Trader by selecting the ‘Chart Trader’ icon on the chart header.  In the NinjaTrader Control Center > Tools Menu > select ‘Global Simulation Mode’ to immediately make sure that all Chart windows are configured with simulated trading.

Yes, you can trade stocks on NinjaTrader. NinjaTrader Brokerage only allows futures trading, but you can connect other brokerages that allow for stock trading.

Trading automation can be done through writing NinjaScript. We offer semi automation through our enhanced chart trader or fully automated through our custom strategies.


You can add an indicator to your chart by following these steps:

Right click chart > Select “Indicators…” > Choose an indicator, double click > hit “OK”.

To add an instrument to NinjaTrader, open the NinjaTrader Control Center > Select Tools > Instruments > Select the Instrument to add > “add” > Fill in symbol mapping input based on exchange data > click “OK”.

You can change an indicator on your chart by following these steps: Right click in Chart window > Select “Indicators…” > Select the indicator you want to remove > hit “remove” > Choose the indicator you want to add, double click > hit “OK”.

The standard NinjaTrader Chart Trader is free to use even without a funded account.  If you are interested in adding more features to your chart trader check out our Enhanced Chart Trader products!

You can open the NinjaTrader chart trader by selecting the “Chart Trader” icon on the chart header. A sidebar will appear with several ways to place trades.

MKT (Market Orders) – Order buys/sells market price.
Ask/Bid – Order places a buy/sell limit order at the ask or bid price.
Rev (Reverse)- Closes current trade and takes a trade in the opposite direction.

Close – Closes out of all trades.

We offer several upgrade opportunities to the NinjaTrader chart trader.

A NinjaTrader instrument is a tradeable symbol such as individual stocks, futures or forex markets.

Order Flow

Yes, NinjaTrader order flow is available with Order Flow+.  This feature is added as a monthly plan or included with a Lifetime Account Plan.  Check your Order Flow+ status in the Settings, Account Plan page underneath ‘Plan Add-ons’ after logging in on the NinjaTrader website.

Be sure to read our extensive article about using order flow with the NinjaTrader Desktop Platform.  If you are interested in more advanced solutions, check out our Impact Order Flow Complete System product!

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Chart Trader

The Enhanced Chart Trader makes it easy to manage trades in a Chart window by solving many common challenges.

Order Flow

The Impact Order Flow analyzes tick data to create a dynamic display of detail that truly impacts trading decisions.


We build the best NinjaTrader indicators with years of experience in trading futures and understanding what traders need.

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