NinjaTrader Accounts Dashboard

The Accounts Dashboard for NinjaTrader Desktop Platform is all in one solution for managing your accounts efficiently.  We are building the best NinjaTrader trade copier and risk manager.  Our goal is to solve all of these challenges so you can stay focused on making great trades – submitted from NinjaTrader, TradingView, or Tradovate.

The Accounts Dashboard is one window with two distinct software products – Duplicate Account Actions as the trade copier and Account Risk Manager for risk management – each product can be purchased and used independently, or they work well when both purchased together.

Duplicate Account Actions has several advantages over other trade copier solutions, including the ability to copy across all instruments in the same window, automatic handling of rejected orders, and fade positions from the Master account to the Follower accounts. You can also see relevant account statistics in the same window. Account Risk Manager adds risk management features to the window, including the ability to track important numbers related to prop firm challenges.

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NinjaTrader, Tradovate, & TradingView

This software will function as a TradingView Trade Copier or Tradovate Trade Copier when all accounts are connected simultaneously to the NinjaTrader Desktop Platform.  This is no different than other trade copier products.  You will be able to place trades on the selected Master account in NinjaTrader, Tradovate, or TradingView, and they will be copied perfectly to Follower accounts with the Accounts Dashboard running in the NinjaTrader Desktop Platform.

Why do you need a great trade copier?  Simply put, you can multiply your profits (and losses) across many accounts.  As a result, you are able to trade more contracts while maintaining the same drawdown.  With prop firms, you invest very little in account fees, while having potential for returns of ten times and more.  With a trade copiers comes many challenges  that is why I built one from scratch – and thousands of customers agree – this is the best trade copier that runs on the NinjaTrader Desktop Platform.

You can check out customer reviews by clicking the green starts in the header of this page!


Video Overview

Watch the video below for the a quick overview with the latest features of our NinjaTrader trade copier!  You can also find more videos in this playlist on the YouTube Channel.




Duplicate Account Actions

Duplicate Account Actions is the ultimate NinjaTrader trade copier solution.  I started building this for my own needs when Dad and I started exploring prop firms for futures trading.  We needed something that can be trusted.   With this trade copier for NinjaTrader, I am eliminating issues commonly found in other solutions.

All Instruments Or Single Instrument

By default, the Accounts Dashboard window is configured to track all instruments and copy executions or orders, to keep your accounts in sync.

Type Of Contract, Size, & Fade Features

Choose between Mini or Micro for each Follower account. Select size or multiplier to change the number of contracts for each Follower account. Follower accounts can also be configured to fade the Master account.

View Positions & Pending Orders

Easily monitor what is happening across your accounts in the Accounts Dashboard window, with positions and pending orders.

Rejected Order Handling

For situations when Stop Market or Stop Limit orders are submitted and rejected on the Master account and / or Follower accounts.

Account Risk Manager

The Account Risk Manager is the perfect solution for trading any accounts, including cash accounts and funded trading prop firms.  You will be FINALLY be aware of your key risk levels at all times.

Auto Liquidate Threshold

With the From Closed column, you will know exactly how many dollars you are from each prop firm account being blown, or closed.

Daily Goal & Daily Loss

Easily configure daily goal and daily loss values for each account, and optionally set accounts to automatically flatten everything.

Exit Shield

Intended to help the trader with discipline by locking exit orders to prevent increasing the Stop Loss or decreasing the Profit Target.


Customer Reviews

I am currently using the Duplicate Account Actions from Affordable Indicators after using a different “trade copier”, the ease of use of the Duplicate Account Actions far exceeds the previous product that I used from another company. It is easy to set up, as well run during my trading day. Having multiple accounts working at the same time use to be a pain to continually monitor trades in those accounts, Joel has set it up so that that is easily done with his product. There will always be some slippage with trade copiers, but the Affordable Indicator product seems to minimize that much more than my previous copier. I really appreciate the quick response time and communication with updates. I also feel comfortable with this product because I know Joel is using it in his own trading.
Carl S
Futures Trader
I purchased the Duplicate Account Actions indicator. It is AWESOME! Very simple to setup and copies trades in Mini's or Micro's. Mix and match whatever you want. Better than any other trade copier that I have seen.
Steve C.
Futures Trader

Pricing Options

The Account Dashboard for NinjaTrader Desktop Platform consists of two main products!  You can purchase one or both of these products.
They work together seamlessly in the same indicator within a Chart window.

Duplicate Account Actions

$495 $295
  • Trade Copier Functionality
  • Unlimited Follower Accounts
  • All Instruments In One WIndow
  • Fade, Multiplier & Mini / Micro
  • Close Button For Each Account
  • Configure Account Total Rows

Account Risk Manager

$495 $295
  • Prop Firm Auto Liquidate Calculations
  • From Funded & From Closed Columns
  • Evaluation Account Funded Auto Exit
  • Daily Goal ($) and Flatten Everything
  • Daily Loss ($) and Flatten Everything
  • More Risk Management Features