Affordable Indicators, Inc.

Custom Strategies

We recommend NinjaTrader strategies for back testing/optimization and as top priority for historical performance and parameter input research. We encourage customers to have confidence in the historical results and therefore have the ability to leave the strategy running at all times. We believe that fully automated strategies lose their purpose when humans start to intervene.

When To Use A Strategy vs. Order Execution

Sometimes it can be difficult to know when to use a strategy vs. a custom order execution solution. It is important to understand the difference! This type of project is best for semi automated systems that do not require back testing and optimization. With buttons added to the standard NinjaTrader Chart Trader, the possibilities are endless for semi-automated trading with any logic for entry and exit management. The Enhanced Chart Trader is our full featured solution for semi automated discretionary trading – with many options for methods of entry and exit management!

Below describes what you can expect from our custom strategies:

  • Unmanaged Approach – We write all custom strategies for NinjaTrader using an unmanaged approach for maximum flexibility and reliability in back testing and real time trading.
  • Accurate – Every project is written to execute on bar close for the best reliability when using the Strategy Analyzer. With years of experience, we have worked hard to standardize a framework for the highest level of accuracy in back testing and optimization.
  • Entry Orders – NinjaTrader strategies can be written to enter at market, limit, or with stop orders. These orders can be moved or cancelled at any time. There can also be multiple entries happening simultaneously.
  • Exit Orders – NinjaTrader strategies can be written to submit with an unlimited number of stop loss and profit target orders. Positions can also be closed based on a condition.