A Complete Guide to the Futures Trading Software NinjaTrader

Independent day traders report average earnings of more than $71,000 a year.

You need the right software to learn the market and execute profitable trades. With the free version of NinjaTrader, you can get started with no financial commitment. When you’re ready, you can add more function and complexity.

Keep reading for a complete guide to NinjaTrader futures trading software.

What Is NinjaTrader Futures Trading Software?

NinjaTrader is a powerful tool for derivatives trading. It’s geared toward futures and Forex options. The platform offers several unique trading tools.

You can use the free version without extras such as NinjaTrader Order Flow+ and Trader+. Still, you can analyze charts, backtest strategies, and make trades without a financial commitment.

The platform also has its own brokerage service. Still, you can use other brokerages if you want.

What Makes NinjaTrader Stand Out?

NinjaTrader is different from other trading platforms. It has two services that are available using the software.

Firstly, it’s a tool for charting and market analysis. The tool also connects to third-party brokerages. You can use other brokerages’ data if you like.

Also, NinjaTrader is an online brokerage. It directly supports derivatives trading and foreign exchanges.

You must download a desktop client to use the software. It’s not available online or as an app. There’s also no version for Mac.

NinjaTrader Overview

NinjaTrader is excellent for beginners and veteran traders. It has several key features.

For example, the platform features commissions as low as $0.09 per micro-contract. It also has a low $400 account minimum.

Also, NinjaTrader has low day trading margins of $500 per contract. These contracts include:

  • Dow Jones industrial average stock futures contracts
  • E-mini S&P 500

Meanwhile, the margin for gold, crude oil, or futures contract is $1,000.

The free version of NinjaTrader comes with all brokerage accounts. Also, there are three license levels with different features and commission rates.

The NinjaTrader brokerage offers competitive spreads. It also offers high-speed execution for Forex currency pairs.

The NinjaTrader Platform

The NinjaTrader platform has a wide range of functions for technical analysis. These functions are useful if you want to start out with demo trading. This is a great way to learn how to trade futures.

By default, the platform uses GQC Continuum for order routing. However, you can also execute trades using Rithmic.

You can also use Kinetic for a free end-of-day market data source. It’s optimized exclusively for use with NinjaTrader for stock, futures, and Forex data.

The NinjaTrader Brokerage Service

NinjaTrader caters especially to futures traders. It’s the perfect platform for new and active traders. The brokerage offers free, unlimited use of advanced charting, market analysis, and simulated trading.

Advanced traders will find many useful features in NinjaTrader’s state-of-the-art platform. Also, the three license levels allow traders to pick the best fit for their approach.

You can choose from two feature sets—Trader+ and Order Flow+. They’ll give you access to premium tools such as enhanced SuperDOM. It’s an advanced alerting system and provides semi-automated order execution.

It also gives you access to volumetric bars. There are also other sophisticated charting systems available.

Moreover, you can keep fees low with NinjaTrader. It has the lowest fees in the country.

NinjaTrader Advanced Features

You may want to use some of NinjaTrader’s advanced features. In that case, you can lease the software quarterly. You can also purchase a lifetime license with free upgrades.

The advanced features are the strongest traits of NinjaTrader. For instance, they include complex orders such as Automated Trade Management (ATM) in the Trader + feature suite.

ATMs include specific rules. You can create them to manage stop-loss and profit target orders.

Researching the Market With NinjaTrader

NinjaTrader has a high-performance backtesting engine. It enables you to test and verify your trading strategy using historical data.

The platform also offers a wide range of educational materials. It can help you become familiar with the platform and enhance your trading skills.

NinjaTrader also offers daily training seminars. They’re ideal for inexperienced users who want to learn the powerful tools available with NinjaTrader.

You can also attend the daily NinjaTrader webinars. In addition, you can access hundreds of on-demand training videos, help guides, and the NinjaTrader YouTube channel to learn more about the platform and trading.

NinjaTrader Fees

The cost of using NinjaTrader will vary based on your activity. There are four kinds of fees, including

  • Inactivity fees
  • Non-trading fees
  • Trading commissions
  • Trading fees

A trading fee, or spread, is a flat fee you’ll pay for each trade. The broker charges a trading commission based on the value or volume of each of your trades. You may also incur non-trading fees for deposits into your brokerage account.

You can use simulated training and the charting analysis features of the platform for free. However, you must set up a funded account with the NinjaTrader brokerage to do so.

The account minimum for futures is $400. For a Forex account, the minimum is $50.

More on NinjaTrader Fees

You can also subscribe to NinjaTrader custom indicators. The prices for data feeds can vary widely.

Likewise, brokerage costs can vary. As an example, a withdrawal from NinjaTrader costs $40. The platform also charges $25 per month for inactivity.

The commissions for NinjaTrader differ depending on your subscription. For example, you can trade through the NinjaTrader brokerage using the free version of the platform. If so, you might pay as much as $1.29 per contract for futures and options.

If you leased NinjaTrader, you’d only pay $0.99 per contract. However, if you purchased a lifetime subscription to NinjaTrader, you’ll pay only $0.59 per contract.

NinjaTrader Asset Classes

You can access the basic range of asset classes using the NinjaTrader platform. It focuses on the CBOT, CME, NYBOT, and Eurex exchanges. NinjaTrader lets you trade the following asset classes:

Contract for differences (CFDs)

  • Forex
  • Futures
  • Stocks

You can also use other brokerages such as Interactive Brokers or TD Ameritrade.

Ninjatrader Safety

The National Futures Association and the Commodity Futures Trading Commission regulate NinjaTrader. Also, the platform uses encryption.

As with any kind of speculative investment, using the platform comes with risks. You must consider your circumstances carefully before committing to real money trades. It’s essential you protect your financial resources when trading.

Diving Into NinjaTrader

First, you must download NinjaTrader software to get started with the platform. The best place to start with NinjaTrader is by visiting the forum.

There, you can watch video tutorials. Most likely, it will take a while for you to set up the perfect dashboard based on what you’ve learned.

The platform is highly customizable with options such as NinjaTrader indicators. Also, there are many advanced features.

There’s a learning curve when figuring out how to use NinjaTrader. It will take some time to learn to use the software confidently.

Customer Support

NinjaTrader has exceptional online support. They have a reputation for prompt replies.

Usually, you can expect support responses within 15 minutes during market hours. You can reach support online, by phone, and by email.

The platform also has an active user community. The community engages with the support team directly on the NinjaTrader platform.

Again, NinjaTrader also hosts training webinars every day. In addition, the site offers hundreds of on-demand training videos and other resources.

During your trading career, you could have a critical issue. In that case, NinjaTrader offers direct phone support for brokerage clients.

NinjaTrader: The Big Picture

NinjaTrader is highly versatile. You can customize the platform in just about any way you desire.

For example, you may perform high-volume equity day trades. Alternatively, you may prefer to do long-term analyses, use indicators for NinjaTrader, and watch the market.

In these instances, you’ll find NinjaTrader ideal. It’s great if you have a special niche. You can easily use the software to customize it for your work.

The Best NinjaTrader Indicators

Now you know more about NinjaTrader futures trading software.

Affordable Indicators is passionate about creating the best personalized software for retail and professional traders. We work exclusively with NinjaTrader.

It’s the best charting and execution platform in the industry. With NinjaTrader, you can learn the basics of futures trading—and, more importantly—how to profit.

We have more than 12 years of programming experience in NinjaScript. As a result, we create the most essential advanced order execution NinjaTrader addons. We also build NinjaTrader 8 indicators.

Feel free to browse our full line of NinjaTrader software.

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