How Do You Simulate Trades in NinjaTrader?

NinjaTrader is a true live/simulation trading platform. You can have multiple entry windows open and simultaneously route orders to your live broker in one window while routing orders to the simulator in another using the account drop-down menu. This allows you to trade live while testing different methods or ideas in simulation.

NinjaTrader includes a cutting-edge internal simulation engine for testing trading ideas and honing your skills. The simulation engine is not just a simple algorithm that fills your order when the market trades at the price you specified. The engine determines fill probability using a scientific approach that includes several variables such as ask/bid volume, trade volume, time (to simulate order queue position), and random time delays for switching between order states.

What exactly is the Sim101 account?

The Sim101 account is a default account representing your own simulated account and allowing you to place simulated trades. The Sim101 account operates the same as a live account, with a cash balance, profit and loss, and other financial parameters. When you place orders to the simulator, for example, the Sim101 account is checked to ensure that you are not exceeding your purchasing power.

How to Personalize Your Sim101 Account

In your Sim101 account, you can set up initial account values, reset simulator values, and delete order history. Open the Control Center window and choose the “Accounts” tab to access these options. If the account tab is not visible, click the “+” tab button and select “New accounts.”

How to Personalize Your Sim101 Account

How to reset the initial cash value on the Sim101 account

In order to reset the initial cash value, go to the accounts shown above.

How to reset the initial cash value on the Sim101 account

Inside the window for Simulation Accounts:

  1. Input the amount of cash you desire into the initial cash field.
  2. Click on “reset.”

NinjaTrader allows you to create an unlimited number of simulation accounts.

How to Make Multiple Simulation Accounts

  1. Navigate to the NinjaTrader Control Center.
  2. Go to the Tools menu.
  3. Go to the Options menu.
  4. When the Options window appears, click on the Simulator Tab.
  5. Click the Accounts button on the left.
  6. Enter the name of your new user-defined account and click the Save button.

When you connect to a data provider again, the account will be active.

Which users can create multiple simulation accounts?

Users with a Free License

  • Users with a free license are limited to a single Sim101 account and cannot create multiple simulation accounts.
  • You can purchase a live license to upgrade to a paid license at any time.

Users with a Live License

  • Live license users can create an unlimited number of simulation accounts, which will appear alongside the Sim101 account and any available connected brokerage accounts when you are connected.

What exactly is Global Simulation Mode?

When Global Simulation Mode is enabled, all order entry interfaces (SuperDOM, Chart Trader, and so on) are assigned to the Sim101 account only. Enabling this is not required to route orders through simulation because you can still assign any order entry interface to the Sim101 account separately. Global Simulation Mode, on the other hand, gives you a way to ensure that you do not accidentally place an order in your live trading account.

How to Turn on or Turn Off Global Simulation Mode

  1. Navigate to the File menu in the NinjaTrader Control Center.
  2. Next, choose Global Simulation Mode from the menu.
  3. When a checkmark appears next to the menu item Global Simulation Mode, it is active; when no checkmark appears, Global Simulation Mode is disabled. Users with a free license are unable to disable Global Simulation Mode.
  4. In addition, the Simulator Tab in the Options window allows you to configure NinjaTrader to always start in simulation mode.

How to Turn on or Turn Off Global Simulation Mode

Simulated Trading

NinjaTrader routes orders according to the account you select in any of the order entry interfaces (SuperDOM, Chart Trader, etc.). Simulation is no exception. To submit orders in simulation, choose the Sim101 account from any NinjaTrader order entry interfaces. When the Sim101 account is selected in any of the NinjaTrader order entry interfaces, the background color changes to the user-defined simulation mode color, which is a dark slate gray by default.

NOTE: Trading in simulation should only be done when data is streaming during market hours. Based on the erratic bid/ask prices commonly seen during these hours, simulation outside of market hours can result in fill prices that appear to be far off the last traded price.

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