Why Duplicate Account Actions is the Best NinjaTrader Trade Copier on the Market

As a day trader, staying on top of the market and making timely trades could be the difference between being profitable or not. One tool that day traders have at their disposal is a trade copier that allows them to copy trades from one account to another. A trade copier could save you time and effort by automating the trading process. Among the many trade copiers on the market, Duplicate Account Actions is the best for NinjaTrader Desktop Platform users. In this blog post, we explore the features that make Duplicate Account Actions stand out.

Duplicate Account Actions is an advanced trade copier that tracks all the trades on a selected master trading account and then submits orders to an unlimited number of slave accounts. This ensures that all your accounts stay perfectly synced based on your multiplier settings, giving you more control over your trading process. To configure your accounts, you need to list them in the NinjaTrader Control Center, Accounts Tab.

One of the key features of Duplicate Account Actions is that only market orders are submitted on slave accounts, simplifying trade copier functionality and ensuring that all accounts stay perfectly synced based on your multiplier settings. This means that if a trade is executed on the master account, it will be automatically executed on the slave account at the market price at that time. Our team is always ready to continue developing this tool based on YOUR needs and recommendations to ensure that you have the best trading experience.

In addition to the basic trade copying functions, Duplicate Account Actions allows you to configure your slave accounts with the following options:

  • Fade: This option allows your slave account to take the opposite position of the master account when it is selected.
  • Multiplier X: This option is used to adjust the number of contracts compared to the master account.
  • Type: This option allows you to select Mini or Micro contracts for the slave account, regardless of what is traded on the master account.

The advanced features of Duplicate Account Actions give you more control over your trades than any other trade copier on the market. Our tool is designed to suit all your futures trading needs and ensure you have the best trading experience.

Get Started with The Best Trade Copier for NinjaTrader

Duplicate Account Actions is the best NinjaTrader trade copier on the market. It offers you advanced trade copying functionality, syncs all your accounts perfectly, and gives you more control over your trades than any other trade copier out there. The tool is designed to simplify your trading experience in every possible way while ensuring that you are always in control of your trades. So, try Duplicate Account Actions today and take your trading experience to the next level. We are confident that you will not be disappointed!

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