Best MAs Trend Indicator

The Best MA Trend Indicator for NinjaTrader is packed with premium features for defining the trend, and taking pullback entries, including multi time frame capability, custom plots, and alerts.

Our NinjaTrader 8 indicators are built to maximize the potential of the NinjaTrader platform. This allows for features like various signal types, audio alerts, email alerts, advanced plotting options, and multi time frame functionality.


The Best MAs (Moving Averages) Trend Indicator provides a view of the trend in the current market by displaying two moving averages, and filling to area in between.  It is built with flexibility and includes the ability to show moving averages from higher time frame data in any lower time frame Chart window.

More than just a trend indicator, this indicator gives visual areas for pullback trade entries, which is exactly how Joel uses it, with EMAs providing support and resistance and low risk trade entries with the trend.

  • Choose Fast Period and Slow Period for EMA
  • adjust all visual features
  • Select bar type and bar period

Multi Time Frame

Multi time frame functionality allows this NinjaTrader indicator to be added to any Chart window while choosing any secondary data feed for the calculations: Tick, Volume, Range, “Second”, “Minute”, “Renko”.

NinjaTrader Trade Copier

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