Advanced Exit Orders Management

Advanced Exit Orders Management is a module for the Enhanced Chart Trader. It adds the ability to manage your Stop Loss orders and switch between various trailing stop methods on the fly.

This product includes the Basic Chart Trader Tools that establishes the foundation of our Enhanced Chart Trader products for NinjaTrader.  To get started for ONLY $195 check out the Basic Chart Trader Tools product!


The Advanced Exit Orders Management Module adds more options to preconfigure ATM Strategies before a position is entered.  Both Stop loss and Profit orders can be set up to use the ATR, high / low, and other common practices.  Various trailing stop methods for Stop loss orders can be configured on the fly.



This is the all in one Enhanced Chart Trader solution for exiting your trades, with many options and possibilities.

ATM Strategy Planning

  • see exactly where your exit orders will be placed after a trade is filled.
  • adjust the exit orders in the Chart window before the trade entry is filled.

Initial Stop Loss and Profit Options

  • attach to previous bar high / low
  • calculate based on ATR value * multiplier

Trailing Stop Options – Below are several ways you can attach / manage your trailing stop.

  • Indicator – automatically attach your stop loss orders to any plot that is visible in the Chart window.
  • Bar – align your Stop Loss orders with the high or low of the previous bar.
  • Fixed – use a trailing Stop Loss based on a fixed number of ticks.
  • ATR – use a trailing Stop Loss based on the dynamically changing value of the Average True Range

Exit On Close

  • configure an option to exit a position when the next bar closes in a certain direction.

This product includes the Basic Chart Trader Tools that establishes the foundation of our Enhanced Chart Trader products for NinjaTrader.  Please check out the Basic Chart Trader Tools page for a detailed overview – it is designed to replace and enhance the standard NinjaTrader Chart Trader.


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