Time Sliced Entry Orders

Time Sliced Entry Orders is a module to expand the Enhanced Chart Trader. Conceal your large positions by submitting disclosed orders at time intervals via one Time Sliced order. The Enhanced Chart Trader can be added to any Chart window in NinjaTrader.

This product includes the Basic Chart Trader Tools that establishes the foundation of our Enhanced Chart Trader products for NinjaTrader.  To get started for ONLY $195 check out the Basic Chart Trader Tools product!


Time Sliced Entry Orders Module is similar to an Iceberg order because it slices a large quantity order into smaller disclosed orders. Child order portions are sent to the market at fixed / variable time intervals. The resting portion might not be filled before it is time to disclose the next portion. The Time Sliced Entry Orders Module can be configured through the settings below.

  • Big Quantity – the size of the total desired position when the Time Sliced order is finished.
  • Display Quantity – the average size of each order.
  • Variance (%) – set as a percentage to randomly vary each order.
  • Display Order Type – submit market or limit orders at each time inverval.
  • Order Offset Trailing – if this is enabled, the limit order will trail with the market until it is filled.
  • Order Offset (Ticks) – when using Order Offset Trailing, the number of ticks behind to trail the limit order.
  • In Profit Action – the in profit action is an action to take when a time sliced order has not been completed, but the market has moved into the profit by a certain number of ticks.
  • Leftover Action – this is how to handle the remaining balance of the resting sliced portion before disclosing the next order portion.

This product includes the Basic Chart Trader Tools that establishes the foundation of our Enhanced Chart Trader products for NinjaTrader.  Please check out the Basic Chart Trader Tools page for a detailed overview – it is designed to replace and enhance the standard NinjaTrader Chart Trader.


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